People in the maximum city

We are all surrounded by people, people of all shapes & sizes garnished just right, in a way that they don’t even need to be seasoned further with salt or pepper. We find all sorts of them in the maximum city, for me more than the city that never sleeps; it is the city that never ceases to connect. There is something in it that draws you right in, whether you are born in it or migrated to it. It is the city that folds you in just fine, making you feel belonged whether you belong to it or not. For those who observe it from a distance will never understand what it is, as more often than not they will only interpret it as chaos. But only those who live, breath & share the city know that there is a rhythm to this chaos.

It is crowded some say, but it is so only because it bears the heart of thousands who love it for what it is, which is a lot more than what it looks like. It is noisy some say, but this noise is the sound of happiness & laughter that floats around in the air. It is always busy some say, well that is because it is always moving to stay in tune with the change. It is evolved because it has never settled for what is ordinary & it never will. To some it scares them off because they feel that they might get lost, but finding a way here is just not that hard. Some also say that it wastes a lot of time as one has to travel for work, sometimes from one end of the city to the other, but I feel it gives you time to make new travel friends, chant, binge on your social feed, introspect on your life, be patient and I have not seen any other city in the world who can claim to teach you that.

It is kind & compassionate, caring & concerned. It bears its heart out to the ones who love it & provides everyone with a gamut of opportunities. Opportunities to prove oneself & learn, sometimes to unlearn & more often than not to earn. It gives you a shoulder to cry & vent out in the form of the ocean that it brings to your feet. It helps you relax even if you have a ton of things to deal with. It feels a little mean at times just to prepare you with different ways to face situations & to deal with. It boosts you just enough to work towards your own dreams. It nurtures you like a mother & encourages you to attain your chimera.

It spoils you crazy just like a kid in the candy store with a variety of things that it has to offer because here you get to have a taste of everything yummy & nice, from freedom to peace and from struggle to seeing your dreams actualize.

See you next time! Until then keep dreaming 😉