What if guys got pregnant!

seahorse matingJust like my mom I too enjoy watching the underwater world. It fascinates me how everything is so different but yet so beautiful out there. What intrigues me more is that it is one of the fewer places which is home to one of the most magnificent species – the seahorse.

To me seahorses are the most finely crafted species among many others who dwell in the ocean. It particularly enthralled me because it is one of the very few species in which the male is not the one who is at ease once he has offered his chromosome.

For the ones who are oblivious of what male seahorses are up to, well I feel they are doing a marvelous job by incubating their offspring. While we are all aware and use to the female counterpart being entitled with the challenging job of nurturing a fetus almost among all kinds, looking at this species does bring a thought to my mind. 

man woman pregI started pondering on the thought that what if nature had a way of coding human kind such that there was an equal chance for both the genders to conceive. Imagine the impact it would have on our lives – to hear ‘he is pregnant’ rather than the same old ‘she is pregnant’. And don’t forget fluctuating maternity and paternity leaves depending on who gets pregnant. May be we might just see more women running to the ice-cream parlor at 2 o’clock in the night to fetch ice-cream for their pregnant male counterparts. We also might enjoy a delightful sight of men and women sitting for their routine monthly checkup with their respective baby bumps. And lets not forget screaming male voices coming out of a labour room at a maternity hospital.

What if all these thoughts would have a way of manifesting themselves. Well, in that case pregnancy will most certainly not be only for the fairer sex.

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